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When and where can I pick up and           you drain the coach battery, you will    Is insurance included in my
drop off my CanaDream vehicle?             still be able to start the engine and    RV vacation cost?
                                           drive, which recharges the coach
CanaDream has locations in                 battery system.                          Yes. All CanaDream Guest bookings
Vancouver, Whitehorse, Calgary,                                                     include $5 million public liability and
Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and            All vehicles have the facility to plug   property damage insurance. The
Halifax, with free airport transfers       into electricity. When you plug into     vehicles have a minimum $750
available, except in Montreal, where a     electricity in an RV park, all           deductible for collision and
fee of $90 return will be charged.         equipment automatically runs off         comprehensive.
                                           110V electricity rather than the
Pick up is between 1:00 pm and             batteries. You can then use              Do you have roadside assistance
4:00 pm - early pickup between             equipment such as the microwave,         should I have a breakdown or
10:00 am and noon. Drop off is             electrical outlets and roof air          accident?
between 8:00 am and 10:00 am - late        conditioning, which will only run off
drop off is by 3:00 pm.                    electricity.                             We are happy to provide all
                                                                                    CanaDream Guests with a toll-free
Where can I drive my CanaDream             Where do we camp at night?               help line for your peace of mind. In
vehicle?                                   RV Campgrounds                           the unlikely event you have an
                                                                                    accident or breakdown, simply
Travel is allowed on all roads             We strongly recommend you stay in        call CanaDream’s toll-free number at
(including gravel roads) which have a      an RV park. Canada has an extensive      1-888-480-9781 for assistance.
number, except where not permitted         network of RV parks in all major
by us. Please refer to the Travel in       tourist centres and most towns. RV       What type of gas mileage can
Unauthorized and Prohibited Areas          parks offer excellent recreational       I expect with my CanaDream
section on our Insurance Coverage          opportunities, plus shower and toilet    vehicle?
page for details of non-permitted          facilities. Powered sites enable you to
roads.                                     connect your vehicle to electricity. RV  Fuel consumption will vary according
                                           park rates vary from $15 – $50 per       to the vehicle, road conditions, wind,
What is supplied with my                   night.                                   speed, driving habits, etc. As a rough
CanaDream RV?                                                                       guide, you should budget between
                                           National Parks                           20–25 litres per 100 kilometres
Each vehicle is supplied with a                                                     (approx. 10-14 miles/US gallon).
CanaDream vehicle kit which includes       Most Canadian National Parks have
sponge, rubber gloves, bucket,             areas set aside for camping. Some        Can I travel into the USA with my 
broom, dust pan, clothes hangers,          parks provide shower facilities.         CanaDream vehicle?
cleaning rags, lighter, door mat, pliers,  However, except in the larger parks,
flashlight, multi screwdriver, water       most do not offer powered sites.         Yes. Unless USA travel has been
hose, sewer hose and dish detergent.                                                included at no cost, you will be
Bedding, cutlery, plates, pots, pans,      Are CanaDream RVs easy to drive?         charged $10.00 for each night you
etc. may be reserved as an additional                                               spend in the USA. Simply call our
item (see “Optional Extras/                It is important to us that you are at    toll- free number at 1-888-480-9781
Convenience Kits”).                        ease driving an unfamiliar vehicle in    before you cross into the United
                                           unfamiliar surroundings. The             States and call us again when you
How long does the battery                  overwhelmingly positive comments         re-enter Canada. We will charge you
system last?                               CanaDream has received from              for the nights spent in the USA when
                                           thousands of Guests who have driven      you drop off your vehicle.
All CanaDream RVs have a dual              our motorhomes express surprise and
battery system. This means the             pleasure at how easy our vehicles are    Can I leave my suitcase at my
engine battery is separate from the        to drive.                                pick-up location?
coach battery system used for
internal appliances such as the            Driving an RV is slightly different to   Yes. As long as you are picking up and
fridge, lights and water pump.             driving a car. Using the                 dropping off at the same location, we
                                           recommendations provided in the          are happy to have you unpack your
The coach battery system will last         Guest Guide for your RV will ensure      suitcase in your motorhome and
approx. 6-8 hours when fully charged,      your driving experience is               leave it at your pick-up location. We
depending on usage. The batteries          comfortable, as you enjoy the luxury     are happy to store your suitcase until
recharge when you drive the vehicle        and safety of a CanaDream RV.            you return. There is no charge for this
and/or plug into a powered site.                                                    service.
The engine battery is separate — if
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