RV Sales Financing

At CanaDream, our finance coordinators can show you an easy way to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Our finance department has on the spot financing with the best possible finance package for your needs. We have the advantage of getting the lowest interest rates due to our volume with the banks. We can offer you lower payments with a longer amortization period. We also offer 100% financing and / or no payments for 90 days.

Some of the benefits of financing through us are that we handle all the details in our office so you don't have to go back and forth to your bank. The only security on the loan is your unit. You also have the option of making extra payments which go directly to the principal so you pay less interest and / or you can pay your loan off at any time without penalties.


We offer extended warranty packages to give you the peace of mind you deserve for just pennies per day.

Our extended warranty covers your unit with extra benefits such as;

  • North American Protection:
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance: 
    Towing  Fuel Delivery
    Battery jump starting                                     Lock-out service
    Flat tire changes (using spare tire)  Mechanical First Aid
  • Rental Coverage/Services:
    $50.00 per day up to $250.00 
  • Trip Interruption:
    $100.00 per day up to $300.00 
  •  Extended Eligibility:
    If your motorhome is still under Manufacturer warranty you can get up to 7 years eligibility.
  • Reducing Deductible:
    Return to your selling dealership for eligible repair and your deductible will be reduced by $50.00.
  • Food Spoilage:
    $75.00 for spoiled food and beverage expenses in the event of an eligible mechanical breakdown of your RV's refrigerator or freezer.  
  •  Transferability:
    If you choose to sell your vehicle privately, any unused coverage/service is transferable to the purchaser, increasing the resale value of your investment.


“Protecting your investment”

R.V. Sealant 

  • Eliminates the need to wax your R.V.
  • Helps to protect your R.V. finish from harmful ultra-violet sun rays
  • Warranted against fading, oxidation and damage from acid rain
  • Helps in maintaining your R.V.’s exterior surfaces
  • Helps to increase the re-sale value
  • 10 Year Warranty 

Fabric /Leather Protector

  • Specially formulated to repel spills and permanent stains caused from liquids such as coffee, milk, soft drinks and juice
  • Superior formula allows for easy clean-up
  • Helps to increase the re-sale value
  • 7 Year Warranty 

R.V. Fire Retardant

  • Non-Toxic, biodegradable, colorless and will not discolor fabrics
  • For use on: upholstery, carpets, curtains, sofas, mattresses, wall coverings, tablecloths, clothing and sleeping bags


Life Insurance – pays off the loan upon death

  • Family inherits an asset versus a liability
  • Protects savings
  • Protects ownership of R.V.
  • Very affordable
  • Refund available if loan is paid out early

Disability Insurance 

  • Insures monthly payments during total disability
  • Cost included in monthly finance payment
  • No physical exam required
  • Premiums based on group rate, not consumers age, health or occupation
  • Hospitalization not required for benefits
  • Pays in addition to other sources of income
  • Entire loan balance may be paid in the event of total and permanent disability

Critical Illness Insurance 

  • Is a living benefit so the insured doesn't have to die to collect
  • It pays back the remaining balance of your loan if you are diagnosed with any of the following:
    1. Life Threatening Cancer
    2. Heart Attack
    3. Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery
    4. Stroke
    5. Major Organ Transplant
    6. Paralysis

At CanaDream, we believe financing should be easy so you can relax and enjoy your investment. We invite you to come by to discuss the best finance options for you so you can plan your next RV holiday today.


Toll Free - 1-800-461-7368
Phone - 403-444-0004


  • ATB Financial
  • Royal Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • TD Bank Financial Group
  • Servus Credit Union